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Stolpen Sächsische Schweiz, Elbsandsteingebirge

What to See in Our Town

The main attraction for the thousands of visitors who come each year is the 775-year-old Castle of Stolpen, which is visible from afar by both day and night.

The Johannis Tower ( Cosel Tower), built around 1509, is the best preserved building of the Castle of Stolpen, which was first mentioned in 1218. Countess Cosel ( 1680-1765 ), the former mistress of Augustus the Strong, lived in this tower during her 49 years of imprisonment from 1716 to 1765.

Thirty million years ago the Stolpen Basalt created a 35 m high outcrop on the Lusatia granite massif. Up until 1890, on the west side of the castle hill, there was a basalt cleft which formerly supplied the five to eight-sided columns as building material for the castle and the town.
The late medieval town with its historical monuments also contains many interesting sights.
Besides the castle itself, these include:
  • the old town area
  • the market with townhouse and post mile column
  • Dresden Street
  • Castle Street
  • the town church
  • the adjoining settlement
The marketplace is in the quadratic form typical of east-central Germany. It has a difference in height of 7 m over a length of about 60 m and provides an interesting view for the visitor.

Cisterns, the fire engine house and post distance column presented an architectural ensemble up until the 19th century in the lower market.
After several town fires, a compact building development resulted in a predominance of simple townhouses with dropped gables and, in part, high roofs.
The Town Hall, which was formerly located on the south-east corner of the market, was moved to its present location in 1660. The coat-of-arms on the Town Hall door is a reminder of the days of episcopal rule.
The whole market passage has been extensively restored in the last few years and is once more an elegant location.

In the Town Museum in the market place the visitor can learn many interesting things about the development of the town.
Also worth a visit is the evangelical-Lutheran town church, which is under protection, as well as the cemetery chapel, dating from 1905.
There are also many possibilities for sporting activities for the inhabitants and visitors to our town in Stolpen and its surroundings.
What to See in the Surrounding Districts:
  • Saxon Craft Workers' House - an adventure world of German handicrafts (exhibition and purchase, model workshop, creative centre, the "Bauernstübel" restaurant)
  • Easter Column in the district of Lauterbach (2.5 m high)
Burgstadt Stolpen - Sächsische Schweiz
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