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Stolpen Sächsische Schweiz, Elbsandsteingebirge

Our Town Introduces Itself

The town of Stolpen with its surrounding districts contains about 6200 inhabitants. It lies in an area of great natural beauty, covering 61 km² on the meeting point between the Saxony Switzerland National Park, the Lusatia Mountain Region and the Cultural City of Dresden, which lies only 25 km away.

The symbol of the town is visible from a long way off - the past 775-year-old Castle of Stolpen. The castle is certainly one of the most interesting fortresses in Saxony, built as it is on a outcrop of basalt rock.
The late medieval town with its historical monuments also contains many interesting buildings. A piece of living history awaits you.

The old and the new are to be found side by side in Stolpen. With the development of the former church lands a modern estate of privatly owned houses , was built which is particularly characterised by its open location with a wonderful view of the district of Altstadt and the neighbouring areas. .
Restaurants, cafes, hotels and guest houses ensure that your stay will be a pleasant one

The Surrounding Districts of Stolpen

The castle town of Stolpen with its surrounding districts of Langenwolmsdorf, Helmsdorf, Lauterbach, Rennersdorf-Neudörfel und Heeselicht has undertaken a harmonious re-integration of the landscape which, along with the castle and the town itself, is destined to become a favoured platform for tourism activities.
Despite intensive land use the landscape remains to a large degree in an unspoilt condition.

The surrounding district of Rennersdorf-Neudörfel llies in the broad meadowland of the Wesenitz Valley and is the starting point for a series of beautiful walkways in this valley.

For many years, the castle of Helmsdorf housed the technical college of the Saxon bakers' guild. The former adjoining settlement of Helmsdorf, the church, and the former Katharien pool with its more than 600-year-old oak tree, are attractions which can easily be reached from Stolpen.
Langenwolmsdorf with its single-nave church and the crocus fields by the village stream is also a worthwhile destination for the interested visitor. So is the area around Heeselicht with the Märzenbecher Fields Nature Reserve in the Polenz Valley, as well as the mill at Scheiben and the mill at Heeselicht.
Burgstadt Stolpen - Sächsische Schweiz
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